Rememory Collage
Rememory Collages are custom works that include your own special fragments from your life.  Can be created to remember an occasion, a person, a place, or anything else that feels personally significant to you. How does it work?
  1.  Place your order and afterwards you will receive a follow up email from me. I may ask you a few questions about additional preferences as well as any specifics you'd like me to know about your piece - perhaps a backstory about what it's about or why you've decided to order one.  This is of course optional but it helps give me direction during the creation process.
  2.  From there, I will give you an address where you can send an envelope of your desired materials.  Some paper based examples are ticket stubs, letters, lists, drawings, maps, newspaper clippings, book pages, and magazine cut outs.  Other options include fabric and photographs.  Please make sure all your materials are relatively FLAT.
  3.  I will then combine your fragments with some of mine as fillers and sew together a beautiful finished artwork for you!
  Notes: *Default paper used is white acid-free heavyweight 300gsm. *Customers are responsible for their own mailing fees when shipping materials. *Please allow one week for your collage to be made upon receiving your materials. *I will return all your remaining fragments with your final collage. *Currently only available within the US*
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Little Lous (Surprise Mailings)
Aimed at promoting small artworks as well as excitement through snailmail. Each one is a pretty mailing filled with one original hand sewn collage and one original watercolour illustration. Each one is unique. The collages and illustrations pictured here are only examples of my work to give you an idea of style – the actual pieces will be different and may come from the archives or made to order. Get ready to be surprised! The works will be small in size – small enough to fit inside a standard envelope. These are originals – not prints! If you would like to send one as a gift, let me know the recipient’s name and a message (optional) and I will include a handwritten note. If you are absolutely set on something specific for the illustration and it is simple enough, I’ll do my best to honour your request! Packaging is thoughtful and lovely. Worldwide shipping is included in the price.
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